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Dear Applicant,

Thank you for expressing interest in the Phelps Volunteer Fire Dept. and/or the Phelps Ambulance.  There is a never ending need for volunteers.  Members of the department respond to emergency and non-emergency calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

There are several steps to our membership process.  Your application needs to be filled out completely and accurately.  After your application is submitted to the membership committee, you will be called for an initial interview.  This interview is very non-formal and gives the committee time to ask you a few questions and for you to ask us any questions that you might have on your mind.  After the initial interview, your application will be sent out for both a criminal background check, as well as, an arson check.  Once the background checks have been received back to the committee, they will review the data received and decide on a course of action for you.  If you are accepted by the membership committee, you will be called to meet with the Board of Directors of the department.  At that time you will need to bring $5 (five dollars) for your annual membership dues and you will have a chance to meet with several members of the department who sit on the board.

Once you are a member, you will be placed on a 6 month probationary period in which you will have a chance to participate in drills, training, monthly meetings and most importantly, calls for assistance.  You will be evaluated on your participation during this period, so be sure to show up to as many events as possible as well as enroll in any classes you may need to start your journey into the roll of a firefighter or EMT.  After your 6 month probation, your membership will be voted on by the members.

We at the Phelps Volunteer Fire Dept. and Phelps Ambulance look forward to working with you and helping you train for your own personal success as well as the success of the community in which you will serve.  Thanks again for taking the time out of your life to help those in need.

There are two options for submitting your membership application.  You may complete and submit the online form below, or you may download a blank form, print it out, complete it, and submit it to the membership committee.  There is typically a group of members at the fire station each Monday evening around 7:00PM where you may drop it off.  The address of the fire station is 79 Ontario St, Phelps, NY 14532. Check HERE for a map.

proudly serving the Town of Phelps, New York

Phelps Fire Department

79 Ontario Street, Phelps, NY, United States